World Cup Controversial Start

Controversial start to the 2014 World Cup

As a football fan the World Cup is undoubtedly the most anticipated football tournament of them all. Every 4 years the best of the best star studded national sides face each other in a competition that highlights not only their pedigree but their country. From “soft” penalties to erroneous offside decisions, human error has once again been the major talking point of a football tournament.

SeizerStyle Designs Founded

From hobbyist to genuine business

I started SeizerStyle Designs after high school when I became interested in designing websites. My sister had given me a book entitled HTML for Dummies and by going through this book I had learned how to create a websites using NotePad and a web browser.

Avoid Negative Energy

How to fight negative energy

We all have bad days and our moods can affect us as well as others around us. One of the best ways to maintain a good mood is to avoid people and things that we know put us in bad moods.

Moving to the Cloud

Moving to the cloud

The better internet speeds and access to the internet have become the more I rely on the cloud not just for work but for entertainment.

Changing Workflow

Increasing productivity by changing workflow

Often it is not just what we do that makes us efficient but how we do it. Automation revolutionized factory work because machines could do the same jobs of humans quicker and more reliably. Humans do not need to be replaced by machines to improve efficiency though. By simply tweaking our workflow we can become more productive and make our jobs less stressful.