Professional Interests

Website Development and Graphic Design

I am currently the sole proprietor of SeizerStyle Designs – a website development, graphic design and digital marketing company. SeizerStyle Designs was founded in June 2004 as a formal avenue to produce my freelance website and graphic design work. Since then the company has designed websites for non-profit sports organizations and small businesses in Dominica. SeizerStyle Designs has also designed a wide variety of calendars and other graphics for promotional use as well as for clients.

Computer Repairs and Problem Solving

A+ Certified Technician

My CompTIA A+ Computer Technician certification means that I am qualified and capable of troubleshooting and fixing both software and hardware computer problems. I also have experience in some networking including setting up home and small business wireless and wired networks. I am familiar with Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.

There is always room for improvement in whatever we do and using technology we can often reduce the amount of time and effort it takes to accomplish tasks. By using specific tools for a particular task, or learning how to use a tool already at our disposal better, we can increase productivity. I am always interested in ways of increasing productivity in the workplace even if it means programming the application to do so or researching alternative means of accomplishing tedious tasks.

Personal Interests


I am a big fan of music and I appreciate infectious rhythms and strong lyrical content. My favourite genre’s of music are Reggae, Dance Hall, Bouyon, Soca, Dennery Segment, and Hip-Hop.


Basketball and Association Football (soccer) are my favourite sports. I enjoy playing basketball and watching soccer matches, especially those in the Barclays Premier League.


Finding out new information is intriguing especially in the fields of technology and business which I am interested in. I also have a strong interest in science fiction and creative writing.

Photography & Art

As a nature lover and growing up in the Nature Island of the Caribbean I have always been fond of nature and capturing its beauty. Scenic pictures, artwork and drawings all interest me.