The risk of inaction

The risk of inaction may be one of the least obvious risks of doing business. Businesses may fail if we make the wrong decisions. They may run out of funds if we don’t spend...

Inspiration from past 0

Getting inspiration from the past

Our past may be a great source of inspiration that most of us ignore. There are many aspects of our past that can be useful reminders especially when we are feeling down or overwhelmed.

Procrastination Pill 1

The curse of procrastination and the cure

A little procrastination can derail our train of thought and interrupt a spontaneous spur of productivity. This is not to say that we must drop everything whenever we get an idea but we should be weary of what procrastination really does to our productivity.

Creating a design, selling an experience 0

Creating a design, selling an experience

Some people think of design as strictly an artistic process where the main consideration is to make things look pretty. Design however, is usually as much about usability as it is about aesthetics. Designers use the various tools at their disposal to solve their clients’ problems while creating a solution that looks good.

Getting Through Slow Times 0

Handling the inevitable business slow down

Entrepreneurs, new business owners and even bloggers often pop up on the scene with vigour and motivation. Driven by determination to see our projects succeed we invest time, money and effort in the project or business to ensure that it has the best chance to succeed.

WordPress Theming 0

Delving into WordPress themes

The way that I design websites has evolved over the years. From simple HTML written in Notepad to custom websites coded in programs like Dreamweaver to the use of content management systems such as WordPress. Each method has it’s pros and cons and the demands of my target audience have often been a key factor in how I design my websites.