Celebrate small victories to boost productivity

Celebrate Small Victories

Celebrate Small VictoriesEven though you love doing your job there are times when you may become overwhelmed or frustrated. In these times it is easy to focus on what is going wrong since, after all, you want to fix it. Focussing exclusively on problems that are difficult to solve can be discouraging and frustrate you even more. It is important not to forget what works well and celebrate the successes that you can identify in challenging times. Here are some reasons why you should celebrate the small victories.

It boosts confidence

Just as a team is more confident after winning a few matches, individuals also gain confidence in there ability to succeed after other successes. These successes do not necessarily have to be related. The simple act of accomplishing an objective gives you the feeling that you can do what you put your mind to and this confidence allows you to see your challenges as only temporary.

It injects positivity into the situation

Celebrating an accomplishment allows you to focus on positive aspects of work, especially when negative ones may be bearing down on you. If you are working on a large and difficult project, any task that you accomplish  which brings you closer to completing the project is a small victory. By keeping these small victories in mind the entire situation may not look that bad. Your positive attitude may also influence those you work with and release some tension.

It refocuses you

Celebrating small victories refocuses your mind on your successes instead of dwelling on your failures. The big picture becomes accomplishment of the entire task rather than getting through the drudgery of the task. This slight change in perception of the situation can help you focus on it in a more productive way.

Celebrating small victories does not require a party or a bragging session. It can be a quiet acknowledgement of your success or even giving yourself a small treat. It does not have to be extravagant or lavish to work. You should however, ensure that you acknowledge your progress and use that to motivate you to accomplish your goals.

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