I design websites of various types and complexity. I can code by hand using HTML, CSS, PHP, javascript as well as utilize content management systems.

SeizerStyle Designs

The website for my website design, graphic design and digital marketing company. Custom coded using Adobe Dreamweaver with graphics created in Adobe Photoshop.

SeizerStyle Designs website

 West Coast Co-operative Credit Union

Official website of the West Coast Co-operative Credit Union. Designed in WordPress with specially customized WordPress theme.

West Coast Co-operative Credit Union Ltd.

Dominica Sports Division

Official website of the Dominica Sports Division using WordPress. A modified version of the WordPress default theme was used in this project.

Dominica Sports Division Websites

Ponder Pocket

A social website where individuals are invited to share their thoughts, confessions, or ideas either by joining or anonymously.

Ponder Pocket website