nathvibe 2015 Shockwave Calendar

Every year I design a set of calendars for SeizerStyle Designs to help promote brands, concepts or fun ideas. This year I decided to include the nathvibe brand in the mix and the 2015 nathvibe Shockwave Calendar was born.

2015 nathvibe Shockwave Calendar

This calendar is an example of a clean and simple design which is meant to send a message of inspiration and motivation. The slogan Now All Things Happen emphasizes the ability to change your present conditions by initiating actions immediately. The Shockwave name implies that there may not always be a smooth transition when change is involved and this should not intimidate you.

Download the 2015 nathvibe Shockwave Calendar

2015 calendars are coming

2015 Calendars ComingEvery year I design a collection of calendars exploring various ideas, concepts and brands. This year I am going to be focusing on the SeizerStyle Designs brand and the many other brands that I have created such as Isle Cloud and of course nathvibe. This will demonstrate how branding can be incorporated into devices not directly associated to the brand itself and still be effective. Calendars are an ideal form of marketing because they are useful for a full year.

As always I will also be designing custom calendars for clients so if you are interested in getting yours designed please contact me. Let me know early so I can have enough time to experiment with different designs and give you options to choose from. Look out for these 2015 calendars which will be featured on the SeizerStyle Designs Blog in the coming months.