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SeizerStyle Designs Partners & AffiliatesAs I mentioned in the SeizerStyle Designs July 2014 Newsletter, I am looking for business partners to help improve the efficiency of the website design, graphic design and marketing ventures of SeizerStyle Designs. I am currently looking for independent business partners with complementary services to those that my company offers. In addition I am looking to make affiliations with positive groups and organizations whose goals and visions align with those of the company.

Business Partners

SeizerStyle Designs serves a large variety of clients and each client has their own criteria that they look for when deciding whether or not our design services satisfy their needs. Some  are more concerned with price while others are more concerned with quality. An active list of trustworthy and reliable businesses whose services I can use would help speed up the process and accuracy of providing quotations to these clients.

SeizerStyle Designs would also be able to offer a similar relationship to our partners. They can refer clients to us and be sure of the quality and type of service these clients will receive. In this mutually beneficial relationship both partners can increase their leads and conversions with no unethical practices such as collusion. This not only helps the businesses involved but also the clients who are referred to  the right companies that can satisfy their needs from another reputable business.

For an example of how this would work consider a couple who  just started a small business and would like a website to promote their business and build awareness of its existence. SeizerStyle Designs would be able to create the website but I might outsource the photography to a business partner that specializes in photography. If the couple wants brochures printed SeizerStyle Designs could again design them but might outsource the printing to a business partner at a printing company that can print in volume for a cheaper price per brochure than could be printed in-house.


Affiliates are independent groups or organizations with visions and goals similar to those of SeizerStyle Designs. A formal affiliation allows us to show that we endorse certain causes and brands. In turn affiliates can show that they are connected to SeizerStyle Designs. Affiliates may be non-profit organizations or projects that we sponsor. Ambitious individuals may also be affiliates including anyone who does work on behalf of SeizerStyle Designs.

The whole point of establishing these formal associations is to improve networking and ultimately the customer experience. I understand that it is a competitive business environment and having a direct competitor as a business partner may be counter-productive if you fear they will “steal” your clients. However,  I believe that there are certain businesses that are naturally suited to work together and it is these businesses that can benefit the most from such partnerships. If you are interested in becoming a partner or affiliate please contact SeizerStyle Designs.




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