Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality Debate

Today the Federal Communications Commission voted in favour of net neutrality rules which could have a major impact on how the internet works and how internet service providers handle internet traffic.

Nathan Vidal Business Card

Business cards with a difference

My business card is one of those items I carry with me without giving it a second thought unless I need to use it. Although its importance can be overlooked, especially in a digital age, the business card does have it’s uses.

Chikungunya Resources

Chikungunya Resources

There has been a lot of talk about the chikungunya virus which has recently been plaguing many Caribbean countries including Dominica. It is very unlikely that you can fall sick without someone asking if you are suffering from chikungunya nowadays.

SeizerStyle Designs March 2013 Update

I completed an update of the SeizerStyle Designs website yesterday. My favorite improvement is the change the web font has made for the appearance of the website. The new portfolio is also easy to navigate and features a lot of my better designs.