Make undesireble tasks more bearable

Work with entertainment

Do you have a certain task/chore that you just do not like to do? Washing dishes? Taking out the trash? Writing reports? Doing research? We all have certain tasks that make us cringe before we even start to do them. Since these tasks are not always avoidable we need to find a way to do them that makes them more bearable. Mixing something you like with something you don’t could do just the trick and in this age of entertainment and social networking we can easily do just that.

Accompany it with music

Work Entertainment MusicMusic is one of the easiest forms of entertainment to incorporate into work. You can control the volume so that it is not too disturbing and it does not  restrict your movement. You can also choose the type of music to correspond with your mood. Listening to your favourite artist may just help you get through the undesirable task a little easier, or at least boost your mood while you are doing it.

Make a game out of it

Work Entertainment TimeHave you ever wanted to throw away a piece of paper but didn’t want to get up so you end up playing basketball with a ball of crushed paper and the trash bin? If not, the idea is that changing a chore into something entertaining will encourage you to complete it. A more productive game than paper basketball would be a time challenge. Trying to accomplish the task within a certain amount of time to match or beat “your record” could provide a challenge. This encourages you to increase productivity and the quicker you finish the undesirable task the more time you have for other things.

Do it with someone else

Work Entertainment TeamWe know the saying “misery likes company” and in this case the saying is true. A task can be more bearable if you do it with someone whose company you enjoy. The positive attitude of a co-worker or companion can help you get through the drudgery of a task. Having someone to talk to while doing work can also be therapeutic. Just ensure that the person has the right attitude and is willing to help rather than distract. Choosing to work with someone who wants to gossip may not be counter-productive.



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