How to fight negative energy

Avoid Negative Energy

Avoid NegativityWe all have bad days and our moods can affect us as well as others around us. One of the best ways to maintain a good mood is to avoid people and things that we know put us in bad moods. This proactive step puts us is control of our happiness instead of simply reacting to external influences. Simply deciding not to let anything ruin our mood is a good first step to consciously guarding our emotional state.

Negative energy can change our moods in obvious ways as well as subconsciously. The heated argument or the more subtle bad driving experience can both affect our mood. By avoiding negative  energy instead of dwelling on it we reduce the likelihood of it taking control of our mood. Here are a few tricks I use when I am getting annoyed and angry:

  • Go for a walk – the temporary change of environment and the physical activity of walking can be very therapeutic.
  • Listen to music – never underestimate the power of your favourite artist to relate to you when others can’t.
  • Talk to a friend – the negative energy of individuals can be countered by the positive energy of a good friend. That friend just may be able to cheer you up.
  • Think of things that are going right– it is very difficult to stay positive in trying times, but it is also very easy to focus on the negative and ignore the positives. Focusing on what has gone right can help bring things back into perspective.

There is no silver bullet for negative energy. These steps may not always work or it may require a combination of these steps for them to be effective. Please share your own steps for staying positive in trying times in the comments below.


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