Google Chrome 64-bit

Google Chrome 64 bit

Chrome 64-bitLast month Google released the 64-bit version of Chrome which would take advantage of speed optimizations and improve stability on 64-bit computers. Despite the emergence of 64-bit computing for some years now, most popular  versions of browsers are still generally 32-bit applications. Upon trying the 64-bit version of Chrome for some weeks I was a bit disappointed. Despite its promises to be more stable and faster than its predecessors I found this version of Chrome to be less stable than its 32-bit counterpart and it may not entirely be Chrome’s fault.

The problem, as far as I could tell, was not with Chrome itself but with plugins that I use regularly. The Flash player would crash a lot and the Unity player would not install on the 64-bit version of Chrome. Due to these annoyances I reverted back to the 32- bit version of Chrome by uninstalling and reinstalling from the Google Chrome page. It is difficult for me to give the browser a fair analysis if the plugins I use with it won’t work well. Hopefully as time goes by, and the plugins and browser continue to improve in compatibility, 64-bit browsing will really be a better experience. For now I look forward to more improvements in Chrome and other browsers as well as in the plugins for them.

If you have tried the 64-bit version of Google Chrome please share your experience in the comments.


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