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SeizerStyle Designs Founded

SeizerStye LogoI started SeizerStyle Designs after high school when I became interested in designing websites. My sister gave me a book entitled HTML for Dummies and by going through this book I learned how to create websites using NotePad and a web browser. I created personal websites which worked locally and continued to learn about HTML, CSS and other technology related to website design. Back then it was not a business but a hobby which I enjoyed doing in my free time. Designing websites was much easier than the object oriented programming which I had been taught in high school so I enjoyed the quick progress.

Eventually I began getting customers based on word of mouth. At that point I realized that I needed a business brandĀ  in order to freelance effectively and promote my services. On June 11, 2004 I uploaded the first version of the SeizerStyle website. I was proud that it was strictly hand coded and that I now had a live website to point potential clients to. A few years later I registered the SeizerStyle Designs business name as I continued to invest into my business venture.

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I had no capital when I started SeizerStyle Designs and the business was initially funded strictly from the profits of designing websites for clients. I continued to freelance until I got other employment and have continued to grow and nurture the company since then. There have beenĀ  ups and downs but the business has managed to survive for 10 years without any external investment of capital besides what I have contributed from my savings.

Although I never took a break from the business, there have been slow times when I had to prioritize furthering my education and keep myself educated and informed about the industry and marketing. This was not easy since I like to see progress and would have liked to devote more time into the business. I do not regret this thugh, since I have learned many lessons which can directly be applied to SeizerStyle Designs to improve its services in both quality and quantity.

Just starting a business is much easier than running a successful business and maintaining that success over a long period. It takes hard work and long hours to run a business and it is even more difficult if you are doing it alone. In my opinion, the joy of being your own boss and creating a product/service that satisfies your customers’ needs trumps that though. I would encourage anyone with a passion and dedication for a business to pursue their entrepreneurial spirit. Do not expect instant success but be willing to persevere and weather the storm while you make your business profitable. It is a risk but a risk that all successful entrepreneurs have to take.


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