Finding your peak productivity zone

Peak Productivity Zone

Peak ProductivityYou may not always think about what affects your productivity but there are many factors that play a role in how productive you can be. Favourable working conditions allow you to get more done while unfavourable ones provide distractions and other obstacles to productivity. You may not be able to control your work environment all the time but by making a few little changes you may be able to discover your peak productivity zone.

Consider the following questions when determining how to reach your peak productivity zone:

  • Physical conditions: Do you work best before meals or after meals? When are you least tired? Do you require special ergonomic conveniences in your workspace?
  • Time: Do you work better at day or by night? Do you work better when you are punctual or you get to work just on time? Do you need breaks at strategic times to boost your productivity?
  • Environmental conditions: Are you distracted by noise, heat or unpleasant smells in your workplace? Do you get along well with co-workers? If you work from home are you distracted by chores, family members, neighbours?
  • Geographical conditions: Do you usually have to work on the go? Do you prefer working in an office or at home? Do you have access to the technology and equipment you need to do your job at different locations?

Your peak productivity zone simply refers to the conditions where you can perform at your best. It is in these conditions you kick into gear and can get the most work done. It may be the time when you are most comfortable doing work or the time where urgency demands a heightened level of performance to achieve objectives. To identify your peak productivity zone you will have to look at your performance and the factors that affect it. Tweak certain aspects of your work to determine what conditions allow you to be the most productive. Once you have identified your peak productivity zone it is easier to get back into that zone when necessary.

As a freelance website designer I usually have to work from various locations, including client offices. I am most productive at home though, where I can control most of the variables about my workspace and working hours. Do you have a peak productivity zone? Feel free to share yours in the comments.



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