Don’t be afraid of entrepreneurship

BusinessThe world can be a scary place for an introvert with a great business idea, but a reluctance to express these views in public. Fear of ridicule, criticism, failure and doubts of one’s own ability can be crippling to the point of holding back ideas and stifling creativity. What if I am not good enough? Should I do this if I know I am not the best at it? Won’t the competition think I am a joke? All these thoughts tend to creep up on someone who is thinking of making a dramatic step into the world of entrepreneurship, especially when that person’s personality is not outgoing and bold. Despite these reservations there are a few things you should know if you are held back by fear uncertainty and doubt.

You are going to fail, but you can still succeed

When you start your own business you should expect to fail and if you decide not to start the business you have already failed. Entrepreneurship is not for everyone and there are numerous statistics which show that the vast majority of start-ups fail. The trick with entrepreneurship is that success is only achieved after you overcome initial failures and set forth plans for long term sustained success. Do not be intimidated by the risk of failing, instead prepare for obstacles since the response to failures will determine your future success.

Confidence is key

If you cannot convince yourself that your business plan is solid and that your idea has merit you are unlikely to convince investors and other key stakeholders. While you must recognize risks and know your weaknesses if you are going into business you should also know your strengths and why you believe your business can succeed. Having credible information to back up your claims is a good way of building confidence so research can be a powerful ally.

Network whether you like to or not

When you start a business you must resist the urge to keep to yourself and hope your work gets noticed. You will have to actively promote your business to let people know it exists and more importantly what it has to over them. This may be a challenge if you are not a naturally outgoing person, but it helps to use your passion for the business and desire to see it succeed to motivate you to  network with prospects who may become leads and ultimately be converted to customers.

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