Developing Your Brand

Brand You

nathvibe logoEveryone has a brand, whether you  recognize it or not. Just as you have a personality that defines you and makes you unique, your brand is a representation of you. At SeizerStyle Designs I design graphics and websites to help visually represent  business and personal brands. nathvibe is my personal brand and was created to represent me and as an avenue for sharing my work and thoughts.

Why you need to develop your brand

When I was first asked to create a brand that represents me as part of a graphics design course I was apprehensive because I did not understand the purpose of such an exercise. I am who I am so why should I create a separate brand? Isn’t that redundant? It turns out, however, that a well developed brand  is a valuable tool to have in your arsenal. Here are some benefits a brand offers:

  • It is easier to market a brand than a person because a person is judged by attributes that may be irrelevant to the brand (relationship status, age, religious views, political views, etc)
  • A brand can outlive a single person and can be shared by a group of like-minded people
  • You can have multiple brands to represent different aspects of your life
  • Brands are disposable so unsuccessful and obsolete brands can be dropped or changed

The self searching required to decide what your brand will be, what it will represent and how it should be portrayed helps you to create purpose and direction for your personal or business endeavours. Your brand should have a vision, mission and core values which are aligned with the ultimate goals of the brand. These goals will be used to evaluate the success your brand and help you remain focused on what you want to achieve. Ultimately you are in control of your brand and a good brand creates value via its reputation. A reputation that can be separated from your personal life to provide some level of privacy. Do you already have a brand? Are you thinking of creating one? Comment and let me know or share your own personal branding tips.



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