Develop your work ethic in your “bad” job

Strong work ethic

Let’s face it, very few people get to work at their dream job right away and everyone experiences challenges at work. These “bad” jobs may be stepping stones to your dream job although the negativity surrounding them can be very demotivating. You can, however, use these as opportunities to develop the skills and work ethic you need to achieve your goals.

Tough training ground

Work Ethic: TrainingConsider your bad job not only as a means to an end but as a training ground for developing skills that would otherwise be difficult to develop. The insatiable boss may teach you to deal with aggressive clients in the future. The annoying co-worker may teach you the patience to collaborate with other diverse individuals at your dream job. The same way military personnel may have to undergo rigorous training to earn their ranks you may also have to undergo uncomfortable training at a job that you are not happy with. The trick is to use the negative situation to strengthen yourself with the knowledge that you have no intention of staying in this position indefinitely.

Strong work ethic will reap future rewards

Work Ethic: CelebrateIt is easy to be discouraged when your hard work is not acknowledged and you are not compensated as you think you should be. Why should you work hard while others just cruise through the workday hardly doing anything? Although your work ethic may not be recognized in your present job strong work ethic is a good habit that should not be broken. It can be invaluable when you start working for yourself or if you change jobs. Keeping your work of a high quality is a personal representation of your most valuable brand – you. Even though you do not get the promotion or the raise, your work ethic will be a valuable attribute in the event that you decide to quit and join the job market or start your own business.

You are noticed

Work Ethic: NoticedJust because your hard work is not rewarded does not mean it is not noticed or not appreciated. Your boss may not think much of you but others will notice your hard work. This opens up networking opportunities even while you are at the “bad” job. Being able to perform in an undesirable situation makes your work ethic just that much more impressive. You may be noticed by your boss’ superior, another head in the company or a complete outsider and gain an opportunity to make a career change. Contacts you have made a good impression on can become valuable allies if you decide to start your own business venture as well.

Whether or not you should stay in a “bad” job is a personal decision and relies greatly on your individual situation. Some people feel the need for a secure income even though it is less than ideal and different people have different thresholds for annoyances they can tolerate. Whatever your decision is, a strong work ethic puts you in the position of power to be proactive and make your dream job a reality.



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