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PHP Coding

PHP CodingWhen I first started creating websites I did it all by hand without any WYSIWYG tools. In fact, I started coding in NotePad. Throughout the years I began using more sophisticated tools such as Dreamweaver and Photoshop and my design habits changed. My need for coding became more peripheral with the rise in popularity of content management systems. It is much easier and quicker to get a CMS site online than a hand coded one.

There are many advantages of hand coding websites which cannot be replicated by pre-existing solutions. Coding yourself gives you the most control over how the website actually works and this allows you to uniquely address clients’ needs. Coding allows for maximum customization.

I am therefore taking a renewed interest in the code behind the applications that I deliver to clients of SeizerStyle Designs. I do not intend to code everything by hand, but I would like to provide more unique web applications. Hopefully this will create some interesting new projects that will challenge me and benefit my clients.




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