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Delving into WordPress themes

The way that I design websites has evolved over the years. From simple HTML written in Notepad to custom websites coded in programs like Dreamweaver to the use of content management systems such as WordPress. Each method has it’s pros and cons and the demands of my target audience have often been a key factor in how I design my websites.

Google Analytics Skewed Results 2

Fixing metrics skewed by bots in Google Analytics

While checking my website statistics in Google Analytics I noticed something very strange. The bounce rate (percentage of visitors that leave the website after visiting only one page) had increased significantly for a number of websites I manage.

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Switching domain registrars

Registering a domain is one of the first steps necessary to get your website online. A domain is the unique address that can be used to access your website over the internet.


SeizerStyle Designs March 2013 Update

I completed an update of the SeizerStyle Designs website yesterday. My favorite improvement is the change the web font has made for the appearance of the website. The new portfolio is also easy to...