Personal Development

Improvising Workflow

Improvising your workflow

When you get comfortable in an occupation you begin to develop a unique way of getting things done. Through trial and error and experience you develop a workflow which makes your work easier and makes you more productive.

Strong work ethic

Develop your work ethic in your “bad” job

Let’s face it, very few people get to work at their dream job right away and everyone experiences challenges at work. These “bad” jobs may be stepping stones to your dream job although the negativity surrounding them can be very demotivating. You can, however, use these as opportunities to develop the skills and work ethic …

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Peak Productivity Zone

Finding your peak productivity zone

You may not always think about what affects your productivity but there are many factors that play a role in how productive you can be. Favourable working conditions allow you to get more done while unfavourable ones provide distractions and other obstacles to productivity.

Go beyond your comfort zone

Push beyond your comfort zone

It is human nature to come up with more efficient ways to perform tasks that we do regularly more efficiently and quickly. This innovative spirit has led to the invention of some seemingly simple but useful tools which have stood the test of time such as the wheel.