The risk of inaction

The risk of inaction may be one of the least obvious risks of doing business. Businesses may fail if we make the wrong decisions. They may run out of funds if we don’t spend wisely. We also understand the threat of competition. As a result, we plan, set goals and strategize to minimize these risks. Too often though, we do not fully grasp the magnitude of the risk of inaction.

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Finding your defining purpose

Finding your defining purpose

We can take a variety of paths to start our career. It could start as a hobby or interest that grew into a business. Alternatively, it could be an opportunity we seized to make money. Yet still, it could also be a  path that was chosen for us where we had little choice or input. Regardless of how we got to the career path we are currently on, there is one thing we need. It is what allows us to remain motivated and determined to press on. The source of our drive is a defining purpose that we may not have yet explicitly identified.

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Light workload days boost productivity

Light Workload Day

Entrepreneurs are no strangers to working long hours and having the lines between work and personal time blurred. Many times the very success of our business correlates with how much time and effort we invest into it. This concentrated effort might be both necessary and sustainable in the short run, but can be detrimental in the long run. A light workload day can help maintain some balance in both our work and personal life.

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Vent responsibly or not at all

Vent responsibly

Bad days are inevitable for anyone doing business. Therefore, we may periodically feel the urge to let off some steam by venting to others. In stressful times having someone to relate to can comfort us and make us feel that we are not alone. There is also the relief of getting something that has been on our mind out in the open. Considering the emotion state that leads us to vent we must exercise caution and remember to vent responsibly.

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The curse of procrastination and the cure

Procrastination Pill

Ever get a great idea while doing something totally unrelated to work? Ever hesitate to make a note of that idea? How many times do we actually remember this great idea by the time we have finished our current task?  Even a little procrastination can derail our train of thought and interrupt a spontaneous spur of productivity. This is not to say that we must drop everything whenever we get an idea. Nevertheless, we should be weary of how procrastination affects our productivity.

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5 ways to manage distractions

Getting rid of distractions

Distractions are the enemy of productivity. They lure us away from current tasks for seemingly short periods of time which can ultimately add up to a significant percentage of our day. Having to start and stop tasks can waste valuable time and cognitive effort as we readjust and try to regain focus and rhythm. Distractions … Read more 5 ways to manage distractions

Learn, share, repeat

Learning & Knowledge

One of my favourite things about the internet is the vast amount of information it gives you access to. You can find educational material such as scholarly articles, tutorials, answers to questions and electronic books. You can also find entertainment, news, and countless other interesting or extraordinary bits of information. The empowering thing about the … Read more Learn, share, repeat