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Creating a design, selling an experience

Creating a design, selling an experience

Some people think of design as strictly an artistic process where the main consideration is to make things look pretty. Design however, is usually as much about usability as it is about aesthetics. Designers use the various tools at their disposal to solve their clients’ problems while creating a solution that looks good.


Why reliable Internet Service Providers matter

The internet is an important tool that is easy to take for granted when you are constantly connected. You may have internet access at work and at home as well. You can probably also subscribe to a mobile data plan on your phone.

Keeping It Simple

Clean and simple designs

If you follow my work or explore my portfolio you will notice that I like simple and clean designs. This is not a cop out from designing more complex works, but rather a decision based both on personal preference and usability.

Dominica SWOT ICT

Small Country, Large Opportunities

Dominica is a small beautiful island in the Caribbean known better for its lush ecosystem than its infrastructure and technology developments. With a population of about 70000 people there are many challenges as well as unique opportunities for this developing island state.

The Freelancer’s Pricing Dilemma

One of the toughest decisions for an entrepreneur is how to price products and services. Obviously you want to make a decent profit, but you also have to consider factors such as supply and demand as well as the way competitors price similar products and services

Google Chrome 64 bit

Google Chrome 64-bit

Last month Google released the 64-bit version of Chrome which would take advantage of speed optimizations and improve stability on 64-bit computers. Despite the emergence of 64-bit computing for some years now, most popular versions of browsers are still generally 32-bit applications.

Gaming & Productivity

Gaming and productivity

Games can be much more than a fun way of passing time on a boring day. They can actually serve a very important purpose of reducing stress and preventing burn out.

World Cup Controversial Start

Controversial start to the 2014 World Cup

As a football fan the World Cup is undoubtedly the most anticipated football tournament of them all. Every 4 years the best of the best star studded national sides face each other in a competition that highlights not only their pedigree but their country. From “soft” penalties to erroneous offside decisions, human error has once again been the major talking point of a football tournament.