Inspirational tips and thoughts to motivate and stimulate thought.

Inspirational Art

Inspirational Art: Marcello Barenghi Drawings

Inspiration can come from many sources and we can all learn from the talents and experiences of others. As a graphic designer I am interested in many different forms of creating art. Photography, illustration, image editing and videography all help in artistic expression.

Monday Blues

Avoiding Monday blues

Not everyone has a dream job and many people find that Monday is the most depressing workday of the week. It signifies the end of the weekend and a return to a work environment which may or may not be comfortable.

SeizerStyle Designs Founded

From hobbyist to genuine business

I started SeizerStyle Designs after high school when I became interested in designing websites. My sister had given me a book entitled HTML for Dummies and by going through this book I had learned how to create a websites using NotePad and a web browser.

Avoid Negative Energy

How to fight negative energy

We all have bad days and our moods can affect us as well as others around us. One of the best ways to maintain a good mood is to avoid people and things that we know put us in bad moods.