Graphic Design

Graphic designs, image editing and photography

nathvibe 2015 Shockwave Calendar

Every year I design a set of calendars for SeizerStyle Designs to help promote brands, concepts or fun ideas. This year I decided to include the nathvibe brand in the mix and the 2015 nathvibe Shockwave Calendar was born.

2015 calendars are coming

Every year I design a collection of calendars exploring various ideas, concepts and brands. This year I am going to be focusing on the SeizerStyle Designs brand and the many other brands that I have created such as Isle Cloud and of course nathvibe.


Copyrights & other considerations

A valuable part of graphic design is having a library of images, illustrations or icons to help speed up the design process when a client comes in with a job. It is not always practical to do a photoshoot or design the intricate elements of an peripheral element yourself due to time and cost constraints.

Nathan Vidal Business Card

Business cards with a difference

My business card is one of those items I carry with me without giving it a second thought unless I need to use it. Although its importance can be overlooked, especially in a digital age, the business card does have it’s uses.