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Nathan Vidal Business Card

Nathan Vidal Business Card halfMy business card is one of those items I carry with me without giving it a second thought unless I need to use it. Although its importance can be overlooked, especially in a digital age, the business card does have it’s uses. I use it to share my contact information to potential clients and it is much more professional than scribbling down on a piece of paper. There is a problem with business cards though that often sees them tucked away and forgotten. They are just another piece of paper that takes up space in a wallet or drawer. With this in mind I decided to try something different for my most recent business card designs.

As a more creative approach I decided to create foldableĀ  business cards that could contain related but distinct pieces of information while taking up half the space. This way I could promote both my business brand as well as my personal brand on the same business card. It could be argued that I could just reduce the size of the business cards and print on both sides but then this would defeat the second benefit of these types of cards – the ability to stand by itself on a flat surface.

Nathan Vidal Business Card

For more information on business card designs including these and foldable designs feel free to contact me at SeizerStyle Designs.

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