Avoiding Monday blues

Monday Blues

Monday CalendarNot everyone has a dream job and many people find that Monday is the most depressing workday of the week. It signifies the end of the weekend and a return to a work environment which may or may not be comfortable. While each individuals mileage may vary there are a few things you can do to help curb the Monday blues and start your week off on a positive note. A positive attitude towards Monday can yield results throughout the week creating a ripple effect that makes your job more bearable.

1. Be punctual

It may seem strange that the first step is to get to work early on a Monday if you are dreading the end of the weekend. Being punctual allows you to get in the groove of work and prepare for the day both physically and mentally. Getting to work late or exactly on time means you have to rush and jump right into work as soon as you arrive which is counterproductive. Not to mention, your punctuality will be one less issue for your boss to ponder about first thing in the week.

2. Get in a state of mind work

It may take a while to get out of the weekend mood and back into a work mood. Pray, meditate, count to 10, do whatever routine you need to get back into the work mood. You may want to make a to do list or remind yourself of your objectives. This helps you develop the mental strength and determination to get through the day.

3. Get up to speed

Check your mail, complete stray tasks from last week and organize for the day’s activity. This could be a simple task of tidying your workspace or finding out how a previous shift went. You should be aware of anything that may have happened over the weekend that may affect your job.

3. Consider co-workers

Everyone may not have had the great (or terrible) weekend that you had so you should be considerate of others feelings. Sharing your weekend experience may be exciting to you but others may not be interested, especially if thier weekend experience was negative. Be careful not to gloat or boast to others if you were not asked about your experience. Knowing your coworkers you may be able to tell who would be interested in hearing your stories.

5. Expect the unexpected

Do not expect the week to start off perfectly and that everything will just fall into place. Expect traffic, delays, unexpected tasks and any number of unwanted situations to pop up. Having in mind that these things will happen will help you be better prepared to handle them and prevent you from being completely blindsided.

Happy Monday and let me know in the comments if these tips work for you.


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