5 ways to fight information overload

Information Overload

Information OverloadHow do you manage all the information that you have access to? With websites such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, ,YouTube and various other individual websites of interest there are countless sources of information and distraction online. Offline there is the  television, radio, books and various other personal electronic devices. We are bombarded with information from multiple angles and multiple sources. This level of information can seem overwhelming and can adversely affect your productivity if not handled properly.

Here are 5 methods I use to combat information overload.

  1. Prioritize tasks by both importance and deadline
  2. Eliminate unnecessary duplicate sources of the same information
  3. Take breaks from tedious tasks to avoid being burnt out
  4. Alternate between long duration tasks and short duration tasks
  5. Disconnect for a while and do something else

These methods allow me to remain focussed on my goals and help to minimize the impact of distractions. I can never get rid of all distractions and things will always come up. Having a plan makes it easier to recognize when I am deviating from my objectives so I can get back on track.


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